Helping to create a Intramural Soccer League to promote fitness, instill healthy habits, nutrition, and unite youth members of community of District Santa Isabel, Panama.

Project: Intramural Soccer League

Soccer, or football, is a sport played all around the world, connecting communities and providing an opportunity for team building and athleticism. Over the next year, Geoparadise will be spearheading the creation of an Intramural Soccer League for the children of El Progresso and surrounding communities. Through sponsorships and volunteer coaching efforts, we hope to provide the local community with a recreational program that will allow their children to participate in a globally popular past time, and connect with the world at large.

Our goal is to help create a collaborative effort between young students, volunteers, and parents to engage in fitness activities to improve overall health and physical fitness of the local communities. Our objective is to provide students an opportunity to increase their physical fitness in strength, endurance, and flexibility through before-school programs, nutritional workshops, and parental participation.