Kallpay Warmi, is Quechua for “Strong / Courageous women” an annual event focused on the expression, revitalization , and preservation of our indigenous identity and culture through art, music and dance.

The purpose of “Kallpay warmi”  is to honor and celebrate Indigenous women and our own indigenous identity. The majority of urban indigenous youth do not identify as indigenous and due to so many generations of discrimination, marginalization, oppression, racism and violence respecting, honoring and identifying with ones indigenous identity in the city is a challenge which Saphichay tirelessly works on transforming.


Several artists, musicians, dancers, story tellers come together to present their art directly aligned with Kallpay Warmi’s vision and focus throughout the day. Along with their presence and gift of art and expression we invite indigenous women and community members to come and share with our urban native youth the struggles of frontline resistance.

The purpose is to create solidarity between our rural and urban indigenous communities.
We also have a whole component of workshops where participants get to learn from representatives from different indigenous communities that are there to share, express, and teach aspects of their indigenous identity and practices to all who come to the event.


  • Workshops on: Dance, native language (Wanca), storytelling, native seeds and foods in danger of extinction, seed saving, silk-screening as a tool to share community needs, traditional weaving, traditional dying, etc.
  • Live painting
  • Area of gastronomy where members of the community speak on:
    – Specific dishes and selling of food
    – Conservation of native seeds
    – Native potatoes
  • Photography gallery


  • Build awareness of self-pride and acceptance of indigenous identity
  • Bring awareness to internalized racism and the other forms it comes in
  • Promote self-love and respect for others
  • Build bridges of solidarity between urban and rural indigenous communities
  • Create a safe and accessible space to promote art and culture with the intention of sharing and learning

More information about the event on this direct link:  http://www.saphichay.org/kallpay-warmi-en/