Project: Support Boruca Tribe to produce natural handcraft

With their handicrafts as a main source of income, the Boruca tribe of Costa Rica, has been affected by the increasing demand of artisan work and the tougher competition from neighboring tribes. The local indigenous population has begun to use the synthetic materials, to produce their work faster, reduce costs, and meet demand of tourists and souvenir shops, however, this has decreased the quality of the goods.

Due to the high use of synthetics by their competitors, the Boruca feel that their Art Bruncajc is being lost. Therefore, the community feels the need to promote local cotton, and replant 300 cottons seedlings, in order to bring back the lost tradition of making their own thread for clothing and handicrafts. On top of granting seed money for the replanting of cotton, GeoParadise also commits to purchase hand-made entrance bracelets for Tribal Gathering, made from that cotton, to support the    community in their pursuit  in recapturing a dying art.